I learned how I, as a listener, can affect the team in conversations or in the meetings. The workshop overall cultivated a good relationship for the team. We got to know each other more and felt closer with each other.

Ms. Karnkrong Ongauthumporn


The workshop created a 'wow' effect with my colleagues. The activities let me see deeply through others as well as let others see deeply through me.


An effective platform to express my ideas of our brand as well as to learn from other viewpoints in the team of our past and future. I gained a deeper understanding of the brand from other senior staff.


K.Wanwisa, Sales & Project Development Manager. 
Palama-Lapa Co. Ltd, (Erb)


The deep listening exercise allowed me to know my colleagues at a deeper level outside the routine work context.  It brought new understandings and revealed hidden potential in each team member.

The activities broke the ice, relaxed, and blended the team together, resulting in a more approachable environment at workplace. The workshop resulted in more communication, connection, and teamwork at workplace. I see many staff adopt a solution-oriented mindset when facing a challenge. Very effective and groundbreaking workshop methodology.


K.Puttipas, HR & Finance Director 

Palama-Lapa Co. Ltd, (Erb)

I'm someone whom some people might call socially awkward. I went to see Stefan to learn to to project my voice better.

Attending Stefan’s workshop gave me a glimpse of what it feels like to speak from the heart, to really express myself. Stefan guided us gently through a well designed series of activities, drawing from his wealth of experience and tailored perfectly to my interest and deeper needs. Stefan taught me how to send forth a message that goes more deeply than meets the ears of my audience, to have a voice that is not only audible, but also tangible. So much happened in those 2 hours, during which time seemed to have disappeared. It was experiential, informative, and emotional borderline spiritual.

I walked out of the workshop a different person — as if a powerful spirit in me has been awoken — more confident, more playful, and more energetic.

Not only did I learn how to project my voice, but also how to speak authentically, and how to access a whole new range of expressions I did not know I was capable of communicating.

O (Choedpong) Khannabha


These words to let you know how much we have appreciated your great performance and teaching yesterday.

You managed to thrill and mesmerize an audience of usually rather-unruly students!

Stéphane P. Rousseau


Teaching-Learning Center Director


School of Global Studies


Each activity leads me to fully express my inner through voice and non-verbal cues.


Some parts of me have been revisited, touched, and "found".

This workshop with Stefan is definitely recommend if you are looking for a journey inwards, for yourself to be touched and found. From this, you will be able to authentically "get" one another's soul.

Teresa Sihanatkathakul