Techniques Introduction

I am not going to teach you the science of your particular discipline

what do I know about Nuclear Physics? But I am going to teach you how to express yourself better, how to harness energy and power you did not know you had…how to improve your communication skills,  to have more faith in your self and recognize there are no boundaries to what you might be able to achieve. And quite frankly that is good for anything!

And this will all be done with minimal interference from the intellect

in fact most of the exercises are great fun.

I Am Going To Teach You How To

Strengthen And Empower Your Voice
Harness Your Natural Energy
Make A Positive Change In Your Life
Discover The Power You Did Not Know You Had
Express Yourself Better
Be A Master Communicator
Have More Faith In Your Own Abilities
Find Hidden Talents
Make Your Point In The Conference Room With Strength And Authority
Become A  Better Negotiator
Become A  Better Salesman
Become The Person You Want To Be And Not How Others  Think You Should Be.


Some Of The Exercises

Most people I meet once they know I am an opera singer say: “I can’t sing” “I am tone deaf”

 “I used to sing” “I wish I could sing” “I only sing in the shower or when in the mood”

OK I am here to prove you wrong…everyone can sing*.......... 

What Does Voice Wellness Deliver?

Your important message is heard and embraced by your audience  forging a compelling mutual understanding between you and them.


Sincerity, strength , excitement, empathy,  imagination,  emotion and gesture.

What are the characteristics of Voice Wellness?

Authoritative, Muscular, Erudite. Open, Honest, Vocally captivating.

Anything Else?

Timing, Gesture, Complicity.

Can you teach me?


I am going to show you how to be the star of your own play. You are the creator, the writer, the principal actor, the star singer, the conductor, the costume designer, the props maker, the dialogue coach. You find the locations and you choose your fellow actors.  

60 Seconds To Find Your Voice

Most people I meet once they know I am an opera singer say: “I can’t sing” “I am tone deaf”

“I used to sing” “I wish I could sing” “I only sing in the shower or when I am in the mood”

OK I am here to prove you wrong…everyone can sing*  



How many voices do you have? Well for training purposes you have five!  I will show you how to unlock each one and how they strengthen and refurbish a weakened vocal tract. 



Yes and No.  

 Breath, or rather the respiratory muscles which control breath barely keeps the   average person alive in their weakened state. Vocal power needs to find an enhanced connection between the lower body, vocal folds, and the head resonators.

And no, you can’t do this by just blowing out hot air!



This might not be perceived as much of a problem, but a lack of meaningful communication will affect every single aspect of your life. From your personal world to your workplace. An ability to express genuine emotion or communicate with clarity and sincerity is not something that you either have or you do not have. Somewhere within all healthy people there is a structure for this no matter how inaccessible at times.

Together we will unlock your ability to listen deeply and increase your empathy levels. Remember Empathy is a building block of healthy living and co-habitation.



Do we remember what real practical imagination was used for? Indeed, could we as five-year olds imagine what life would have been without it? Luckily for the individual who follows the path of an artist her imagination is still largely intact. You cannot be truly creative without it.

And that natural, childish and powerful “magic” can be learned and harnessed by us less fortunate beings: THE ADULTS.



Don’t blame the speechwriters! Interest does not hang onto the words themselves but the way the words are employed and how the body opens a path to the perception of believability, domination of your subject and honesty. These attributes open the channels of communication between you and your audience which releases a mutually emotionally charged interchange. This makes your audience want what you want.

 “I have a dream” one of the most iconic phrases of the civil rights movement during the 1960’s borne on the lips of a great leader and one of the 20th centuries greatest orators: Martin Luther King.

We all have a dream and we all have a right to make our dreams come true.



This is one of the final exercises in the day’s programme. It will allow you to communicate with your working partner without words, just by eye contact. It will produce such a cathartic release within your body, emotions, imagination and  singing voice that you will   constantly refer to this exercise whenever you need to re-evaluate the training we do here today.


Remember this work is setting down muscle memory

Stanislavski Invented Wellness



Artists of sounds, colours, chisels and words choose  art in order to communicate through their works with others.  Therefore, the goal of art is  spiritual communication. The inner creative process must be conveyed to the audience and the major factor of this process  is to build the life of the human spirit.

  • This process was developed by Stanislavsky for actors. He called it Method of Physical Actions/MAPA.

  • We are all actors in our own play.

  • We cannot rely solely on talent we need to work constantly to perfect our role as real time communicators.

  • We write the script, choose our fellow actors (to a certain extent), build our audience, choose the sets, costumes, locations and reserve the best role for ourselves.

  • Don’t just listen with your intellect, listen to people with an open heart and mind. DEEP LISTENING.

  • To be a sympathetic person you buy a “poor person” a pair of new shoes and go on your way and feel good about yourself.

  • To be an empathetic person you put yourself in their “shoes”, remain with them and try to make them feel good about themselves.

  • The conscious can be the key to changing the subconscious.

  • That key is a set of fundamental ideas and exerciseswhich can be adapted for any kind of communication. Whether you are an actor, singer, musician, poet, comedian, salesman, CEO, Teacher, Mum, Dad etc etc.


In our classes we will harness the fundamentals of  these exercises from the greatest Drama Teacher of all time, Konstantin Stanislavski, to build our own starring role on life’s stage


  •  Sing your own song beautifully

  • Move your listeners to tears

  • Improvise your way into the subtext or meaning of your words

  • Give a great speech that will be remembered by everyone

  • Excite and ignite your audience so they want what you are offering

  • You want that job, but all candidates are equally qualified…The way you handle your interview, with sincerity, emotional intelligence, maturity, empathy, enthusiasm, leadership skills will be the deciding factor.

  • Don’t be that friend who says” I am sorry for your loss, but “time is a great healer” I realized that when I lost my own partner, dog, goldfish.

  • Be the friend who listens deeply to their feelings about loss without adding yours to the mix. Unless they ask you to share.


A speech or an important interaction, created with the savant brushstrokes of a great artist,  can be a natural phenomenon and an invaluable asset. This type of untrained natural talent, however, does not reveal its secrets under scrutiny. It is even more effective if it is developed consciously.

To the master,  improvisation was through the movement of  “subconscious creativity” but he did not suggest this was an uncontrolled action:  far from it. The conscious mind can be used  to reach the subconscious and therefore able to  release power from  the root of the psyche. This eruption of pure beauty does not stimulate the intellect as much as it does the soul of the listener which makes its own involuntary reply in much the same way, sometimes to the delighted surprise of the actor or the relief of the true  friend who is capable of engaging with you at a deep and intimate level and  thereby able to provide profound comfort when needed.

This is just part of what I will help  you to experience.

The actor must be prepared for the ensemble which is the logical, purposeful and truthful reason for his existence. “Collective creativeness , on which our art is based, necessarily demands an ensemble“   “Those who violate it commit a crime against the art which they serve….”  Stanislavski

Or we could just as easily say

  • The world in which they live.

  • The home in which they abide

  • Place of work

What do we do?

  • Establish and keep developing trust.

  • Truthful interaction between the group

  • Maintain harmonious structure within the group and understand the empowering benefits you will receive.

  • Learn how to lead a group into a heartfelt unanimous decision

  • Also understand the disadvantages of working against the group.

  • By group we mean a collection of people that rely on each other for the pursuit of a common altruistic goal.


“I HAVE A DREAM”   Martin Luther King