“Movement can easily reveal our patterns of relating, communicating, and expressing ourselves nonverbally. Why we move, how we move, and where we move!”


(Movement Master)


Tools from the Laban-Laboratory: LABAN LAB for ALL

Using creative movement to help find freedom in the voice, to explore transformation through

body-mind balance, and to offer you ways to vary your own physical expression.


(Movement Master)

Dance Movement Therapy unites body, mind and spirit.

It provides a sense of wholeness to the individual, and at the same time,

allows positive energy to be generated by the group.

The Body – Mind – Spirit Triad 


“The body responds to stimuli from the brain while processing the outside world,

the mind creates images to inspire the movement,

while the spirit allows you to feel connected again and share this sensation with those around you.”


Combining Body-Mind-Spirit produces deep connections as you learn to communicate,

share and interact dynamically.

Originated by one of the world’s greatest movement theorists Rudolf Laban (https://www.labanguild.org.uk/about-us/rudolf-laban/), this teaching offers a framework of individual and universal principles: a dynamic system that considers interrelationships in flowing motion: using space, time and force. You will easily learn how to observe, activate and understand your own movements and those of the group.

Laban connected his movement principles to Jungian psychology, and has been called

the Stanislavski of Dance, exploring the inner intention of movement and the revelation of

our shadow movements as signifies of our inner truths.


In the LABAN LAB you will learn through play and practice, exploring how each of us can fully experience our moving selves today, with lots of fun and games.

LABAN LAB TOOLS include learning a non-verbal language for the body, which can help you find meaning in the sequences you put together creatively.


  • Become more sensory aware, understanding your thoughts, feelings and intuitions expressed through movement.


  • Understand different qualities in movement, and how to make movement appropriate and specific for your emotional needs, in a broad, deep and transformational way.


  • Increase your awareness of movement, developing physical agility, restoring harmonic balance, the body-mind connection, spatial dynamics, and identifying rhythmic patterns in your everyday life.


  • Develop group awareness, moving “in flock or in flight”, leading or following, and learning how to “take a stance” in a group situation.


  • Explore how your inner-world of the imagination can be part of movement play: become part of a dance-drama as a solo prime mover, part of a movement choir, and become your own movement director.


Our sensing bodies are awakened, and we can express our shared and lived experiences, considering the body-mind connection. This knowledge can readily be applied to your own body/mind practice, including theatre, dance, vocal performance, martial arts, yoga techniques, movement and physical therapy, and for overall enhancement of your own self.


The programme will provide opportunities for creating more effective movement choices in all our physical lives.


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Laban’s Activation of Dynamic Space :

The Dimensional Scaffold as a physical support for the Voice in Wellness