Your Guide To Voice Wellness

Why and What is there to discover and how it can help you...

I have great pleasure to introduce myself to you. My name is Stefan Paul Sanchez, and I am an Opera Singer, Producer, Voice Teacher  and Director by profession. 

I would like to tell you a little bit about my system VOICE WELLNESS.  My own training included drama at the Guild Hall School of Music and Drama and singing at the Royal Academy of Music in London  as well as subsequent studio acting  training. Although my career has been mainly operatic in nature both as singer and producer, I have had a deep grounding in acting training particularly for Opera Singers. This has of course enabled me to direct Opera singers on stage.

What I discovered during my work was an aspect of the  training which embraced Vocal health as well as spiritual and mental well-being. I have always enjoyed looking at symbiotic relationships between different disciplines and  began working with the casts of shows I was directing to find more connection between them, their voice and the character they had to portray. The results were amazing and led me to conclude the process of voice and movement was not just destined to enable a better understanding of an opera character but of getting a much deeper relationship with yourself. This was the feedback I received after the very first class. I think I was directing Madam Butterfly at the time for a UK tour.

My guide for the acting discipline was none other than the world’s greatest drama teacher the late Konstantin Stanislavski. For voice, my inspiration was human Biologist Frederick Hussler who was perhaps one of the pioneers of the practical application of BelCanto within the sphere of the science of singing.

I am delighted to be  working with Laura K. Herne who has a background in Wellness and Clean Beauty having come from a family of  natural botanical healers and wellness product expert manufacturers. We have  an organic relationship looking at all facets of the Body - Mind -Spirit. and our work is positively  complementary to each other.

The Voice-Wellness System looks at the individual and from a series of outward clues such as voice and body movements and  allows an expansion of those positive characteristics as well as finding long forgotten aspects which once belonged to the inner child but have since been amortized by the daily grind of social  responsibility. This rejuvenation of the spirit taps great strengths from the subject which flow and accumulate through the voice, body and spirit. This naturally has a powerful effect on  relationships and allows you to emotionally catch up as it were  with work, family, social obligations  and surprisingly enough confidence in doing things you only dared to dream of ultimately to reach the potential to be the best authentic self you can be.

My classes awaken the vocal body, free the spirit and allow the imagination, which has lain dormant for so long, to rejuvenate itself. Imagination is a tool of  the child and the artist, but everyone has a right to this precious ability.

Owing to the unexpected and remarkable effect my work had on singers I pursued this idea with non-singers who simply wanted to relieve stress caused by so many adverse outside reasons and how the psyche was able or more usually unable to deal with it.

I have given many masterclasses for actors, singers and business-people and children in UK, Spain, Italy, Dubai and Thailand. I have lectured at the Royal Academy of Music, Thammasat University and Universidad de Pablo Olavide Summer course in Spain.


I look forward to meeting you with myself and my team ....sharing Voice Wellness, techniques and applications to enhance your wellness and general well being .

Breathe in deeply and let your imagination expand along with your potential.